"Summer Hymnal"


'summer hymnal' (below) is a storyboard i shot over a 4 day period, and a concept that took several months to compose.

this is my bittersweet tribute to summer and to what it represents, metaphorically - as another season comes to a close.

please enjoy.
details below the imagery.

the pieces, above, are intended to be accompanied by a poem i wrote of the same name, which further narrates the storyboard. i plan to release both the words & imagery, together, in a book slated for 2011.

please feel free to click larger, but please be mindful of copyrights. x


behind the scenes of this piece:

to create this storyboard, i found a summer kitchen built in 1912.
The woman whos property it sits upon (she was so amazing) allowed me to completely clear out the space and re-stage it with authentic props from the time period i was trying to convey. it took 5 & 1/2 hours of prep to get this tiny kitchen set for the bottom segment.

these pieces are very special to me, not only because of the concept & poem, but also because i was able to work with my sister in creating them. the woman within the storyboard is suppose to be one character, throughout. however, i thought it might be fun to try and see if i could make my sister and myself (two people who couldn't look more different in real life) look like the same person for the shoot. the top piece is a self portrait, while the bottom (summer kitchen) shot is of my sister.

a very heartfelt thank you to:
Sandra for the use of her beautiful space
& to
Hailey for allowing me to require her at sunrise, cover her in mud & flour and sit her on a hard, cold floor, while we froze to our bones.

high res & larger will soon be on my website & flickr.

best always.
ash x